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Not about a guy, but a friend.

I had this friend who ended our friendship because we were both getting married (my wedding before hers) and I "took" her flowers and she told me to change them so she could use them. I refused and now she ended our friendship and is threatening to ruin my life and tell me fiance "everything" and I have no idea what she's talking about. She's friends with some guy that used to like me and he actually lives with her. They are now both threatening to tell my fiance "the truth" and i have no idea what she's talking about. She says she has "proof" of what I've done and she won't stop texting me harassing comments. I'm 3 months pregnant and 5 weeks away from getting married and she's making me a nervous wreck. Any advice?


Thanks to everyone!

Where would the world be without us?

We help our with the dirtiest of problems. We find solutions that people have overlooked time and time again. We take our time to help people in need. We sit down and research material we're not even interested in so we can give a decent answer. We are one of a kind and nobody can mimic us to a "T" really. We have formed our own stable opinions and ideas on life. We can get out of any problem and find solutions in the strangest ways.

Thank you for being an advice columnist.
Thank you for answering the silly little questions too.
Thank you for taking your time for others.

I hope to look back years from now and I just KNOW that I changed lives because that is what we are doing each and every day. :)

I go to places like Advicenators, Yahoo! Answers, and Wiki.Answers, and see how this society is crumbling. It seems like nobody can figure out solutions to the simplest things. It seems like we've all fallen apart, but the few of us who sit down and take our time to help the people with less time. We give our minutes, hours, and days to society to improve it. We influence. We teach. We modify the world one answer at a time.

a shocking slew of questions

Link: http://www.advicenators.com/qview.php?q=547071

Wow, someone who actually needs ADVICE!Collapse )

What do you guys think? I think this is a majorly worthy question that needs attention immediately from good sources. How could you even start helping this person? Where would you even start? I couldn't imagine having that sort of problem...wow!

I ran across a question on an advice site not long ago. I don't quite recall which site this way--maybe Yahoo! Answers, Advicenators, or maybe even Askville.

Anyway, it was basically boiled down to this:

"How can you give good, solid advice when you are not open minded?"

What do you think?
How can you give advice when you're not open minded?

My answer:

You have to have your opinions set firmly in place to be able to give decent advice. You can't give someone advice about a question such as, "Should I have an abortion?" if you don't take a stand on pro-choice or pro-life. You'll just end up dancing around the question with this-or-that's, ultimately making the advice-seeker choose for herself. People who read advice columns get an idea of the person's stands and morales so it shouldn't be shocking when a pro-lifer says, "NO! Do not have an abortion! It's wrong because. . ."
So, in short, how can you be opened minded and give good advice? You can't, really, because you wouldn't be giving your advice (or opinion of what you would do in a particular situation) to help the advice-seeker make a decision.


Ok. I'm newly engaged to the love of my life. Only problem is, he has a seven year old son with another woman and it scares me! I feel inferior to his baby momma even though he tells me how much he hates her and how he only stayed with her for the kid. Why do I feel like this? Am I stupid for feeling like until we have a kid together I won't mean as much to her. Please help. Its always on my mind!!! Need advice bad!!!

I need advice. LONG story, Please read...

I need everyone’s opinion on a situation.
I have had this friend for seventeen years, and I have been burned by her three major times. The first was when we were eighteen/nineteen and she begged me to cosine on a brand new car for her, and my STUPID ASS did. Well guess what not even a full year later she got it repossessed, I’m twenty six now and it’s still a HUGE negative mark on my credit. Then some years later I was babysitting her child during the day for a whopping twenty bucks a day. I let her rack up a debt of two hundred and some dollars, of which she NEVER paid. Now I know the saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, but I have known her for years, and I was close with her parents that are now deceased. I guess in a way I feel guilty for being pissed that I keep getting fucked over by her, and I also hope that one day she will grow up and change. So now its several years later from the two incidents listed above. She comes to me with two kids saying how she wants to leave her marriage. That he is abusive mentally and psychically, so my stupid ass says that she can be my roommate. I told her that she only had to pay me four hundred for a nine week period. She didn’t have it, surprise surprise, on the day that she was supposed to, (this was approximately 6 ½ weeks after her being here) so she started avoiding me with every excuse in the book. (Then I send her an e-mail saying that she needed to find somewhere else to live that I was pissed that in the amount of time she was here that she could have saved the money I requested of her.) Well needless to say she went back to the abusive marriage just to avoid facing responsibility on her own, even though I made it so easy. I was even watching her two children for free while she worked till she got on her feet. So now I e-mail her and tell her that she still owes me that money for the food, utilities, etc while she was here, and she still responds with I don’t have it. So now my fiancé is pissed too for seeing me get screwed by her yet a third time.
 So my question is should I bring her to court for the money out of principal? I said to her that if she didn’t pay me that I would bring her to court and she said go ahead. That I don’t have enough proof that she owes me the money. To which I got so pissed that I told her to stop being whit trash and pay her bills. The only thing she argued was that she wasn’t trash. To which I said what else would you call someone that fucked over their friend three times when she tried to help you. Her height of intelligence was replying with “I’m not the white trash you are.” Well not to make this longer than it is, because sad to say our fight escalated. So my questions to you, are am I doing the right thing by taking her to court to teach her a lesson, and yes I have enough proof, two would you define someone as “trash” that has done those things to you?                          

Are you an advice columnist?

If you are an advice columnist, please check out out page on linking you in our gathered list of advice columns.  You can only request for YOUR column to be added to the list so please do not make suggestions for others to be listed, no matter how wonderful their advice may be.

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A question I ran into.

I was skimming through Advicenators, as I do fairly frequently, when I ran into an interesting post.  It really deals with what a lot of teens are doing nowadays to try to be super-model beautiful.  It's a great question for advice giving, I think, as it doesn't deal with the typical relationship issues (which I found a very interesting one about that I will be posting as well).  Lots of young females are having issues like this each day and I was surprised to see someone actually ask for advice for this sort of problem.


"Okay, so I have a serious problem. I have been struggling with anorexia and bulimia for 2 years now. I'm surprised I'm not too weak to type. I've been to the doctor, I've been to eating disorder facilities, i've been to group help session, and i'm still the way i am.
i'm 5'9" and i weigh about 100-110 pounds... and i'm getting thinner. When i went for help, i was better for a little bit, but it always came back, after someone would make a fat joke or anything. I know i'm struggling for an impossible goal. I just don't know what to do, my mom doesn't know what to do, my friends don't know what to do. I'm running out of ideas to save myself! help me!"

The link is here:


...if anyone wants to give some advice about it and already has an Advicenators account.  (PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THE ADVICE HERE!  THIS IS COMMUNITY IS NOT FOR SUCH THINGS!)

Any thoughts on this?  I mean, do you agree that it's a good question to seek advice on?  Or do you think advice columnists aren't equipped to deal with such problems?  Do you think it's unfair to even answer such questions since we are not schooled for such serious health issues?

Advice Columnists Unite! (details below)

I joined the community...now what?:

First and foremost, I'd like to say welcome and thank you for taking the time to join our lovely community.  We hope you have a pleasant stay and I'm sure you will benefit highly from this community.

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